Technical Support

….. reliable, efficient, timely, complete, managed, forward-thinking, turn-key.

Our support technicians operate as extensions to your company, rather than just the “computer guy” coming to fix something. We think with you and for you when it comes to your systems. Our managed services provide preventive maintenance, updates, upgrades, and an eye to the future, helping to plan the expansion of your tech to fit the evolving nature of your business, internally and externally.

If you need something fixed today, we do that. If you want something maintained as your own IT department would, that is our specialty. We offer an outsourced package that is there when you need it and out of your way when you don’t!

Our goal… everytime: enhance current performance, functionality, mobility, and security / continuing assessment toward future expansion, new-technology, and system paradigm changes.

Call today to speak to a Systems Administrator about your immediate and ongoing tech support needs.

To reach our Systems Administrators dial (614) 408-1440 and then press 1 or fill out a support request.