Responsive Web Design and Development

Responsive design means your website will adapt to all types of devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, large displays and small). Gone are the days of needing an additional mobile website.  Now one size can truly fit all.  Utilizing responsive design is a prime element of a “mobile first” strategy that ensures your design makes the right impression regardless of user’s browser or device.  Rampart realizes the importance of responsive design and the impression a website needs to generate. A design must appeal to both the heart and the mind, while effectively communicating the voice of your business online.  Rampart’s experience can help make that happen.

responsive design desktop computers

Your site needs to leave an immediate and lasting impression on the person who has just found your site, regardless of the device they use.

responsive design ipad and android tablets

Impressions are formed when the web user is presented with something unique, interesting, and informative. Interactive tools will keep your customer interested and engaged.

responsive design for mobile phones

More and more people are visiting websites on their mobile devices.  Your company’s mobile first strategy helps ensure that the first impression of your website is the positive one you wish to convey.

Believe it or not, clean website code matters…

Search engines like Google and Bing qualify your website utilizing criteria that assesses your site’s freshness and vitality of content, quickness to load, relevance, code structure, adherence to standards, etc. If weakness is apparent in these areas, your company’s website, arguably its most important sales and marketing tool, has little chance of first page placement in the results of a customer search query.  Need a code check?  Contact us.