Data Backup and Recovery

Could your business recover?

The fact is that 56% of companies cannot recover data after a catastrophe. A majority of businesses today either lack the protection they need or are under-protected from disaster. We find that businesses rely too heavily on onsite or local backups, such as tapes or storage. Local backups do not protect you from fire, flood, sabotage and natural disasters. We offer facilities that provide best-in-class redundancy and performance, high availability, and superior storage efficiency to dramatically reduce the cost of achieving world-class disaster recovery.

How do we compare to your current backup?

Does your current data backup service exclusively work with encrypted data centers or is the next big mobile gaming app being developed in the same server environment? Or were you hoping to get value from the same service backup where your backup photos and music? Our online data backup services meet or exceed all regulatory requirements, regardless of industry. Data is stored in two of four redundant Tier IV data centers exclusively specialized in encrypted storage and data protection. Using a military level of encryption, you can be assured your data is always protected. Access is securely available for restorations as simple as a single email to more complex scenarios such as a server failure. At no additional charge, a local storage is available with a 4 to 1 local to cloud storage ratio that provides a third layer of data back-up onsite for hot restores and unlimited generations of images.

Is the cloud the right decision?

Your company’s financial records, contracts and client information are the foundation of your business. When you consider all of the information stored on your company’s servers, you begin to realize the potential magnitude of loss in the event of a disaster, sabotage, hardware failure or human error. Our Cloud Data Backup solution allows you to back up your critical business data to a remote and secure location for rapid disaster recovery—an important part of your data security and business continuity plan.

Why Rampart for Data Backup and Recovery?

Cloud Backup is a business-class online data backup and recovery service that safeguards critical business data at a secure offsite location. Using the highest levels of compression and encryption available, the Backup solution enables businesses to automatically protect digital information and restore it anytime from any location. By choosing Backup, you will benefit from the best automated backup technology available, military-grade security, 24/7 / 365 access to your data and world-class customer support. Whether you are a home-based business or an enterprise corporation, Cloud Data Backup and Recovery provides the same ease-of-use and efficiency at an affordable cost.