Over the last year, we’ve helped many customers move their on-premise or hosted email to Microsoft Office 365 and Google G-Suite. There are a lot of benefits, such better availability, and the avoidance of software upgrade fees. We support this movement, and we use these products ourselves. But did you know that Microsoft and Google don’t actually backup your email or shared documents? That’s right, and it’s stated as such (though buried) in your End User License Agreements. While it’s unlikely that they will ever “lose” your data, these services allow email and document recovery for only 30 days maximum and sometimes less. This won’t keep you out of trouble. Consider:

  • Employees will make mistakes. We all do. We’ve had multiple clients that have accidentally deleted critical information, which was not discovered until months later. They needed it recovered – and fast.
  • Compliance requirements. Increasingly organizations must meet industry regulations that require data and email retention long periods - years. In addition, it’s not unusual for companies to pay for Office 365 mailboxes for departed employees simply to keep their mail. A better option would be to backup the email so it’s always there, and backup alone is much cheaper than keeping the whole mailbox.
  • Threats from Companies increasingly collaborate on documents and store them on One-Drive/Google Drive. Awesome. But what happens if an employee is hit with a ransomware attack and the infected file is replicated back out to cloud storage destroying it for everyone? Having clean backups of this data is essential to getting back up and running fast.
  • Bad Actors. Nobody wants to think their employees or contractors will go rogue, but unfortunately it happens. Ever have someone delete some or all of their email on their way out the door and not know? You need to be able to get that back to serve your customers and protect your business.

Rampart has teamed up with Datto, one of the world’s leading data protection providers, to offer a cost-effective method to manage the risk of not having backup of critical email and files. You can download more information on the service here or feel free to call us at 614-408-1440 with any questions you may have.