With Ransomware and security threats commonplace, business data backup has never been more critical. But what’s the right backup solution for your business? First ask yourself these two questions: 1) How frequently should data be backed up? That is, if you lost data, how far back are you willing to recreate it?; and 2) How long are you willing to wait to get that data back? Remember you likely won’t have access to business critical information in the meantime. The answers to these questions affect the technology employed and its cost.  It also helps identify the most appropriate solution.

Several common approaches to data backup are described below. In each of these data may be stored both locally and/or in the cloud to offer additional protection. Rampart can assist of you in determining which makes sense for your business.

File and Folder backup – As the name implies, this approach backs up your data files and folders. It is typically the simplest and least expensive approach to backup. It is well-suited for recovering single or small numbers of files. Larger quantities of data, such as in situations where the network has been hit with Ransomware, will take longer to recover.

Image Backup – This approach stores all of a computer’s or server’s data including the entire operating system and settings, hence the name “Image”. Image backup is used to restore an entire computer rather than rebuilding it from scratch. While Ransomware frequently affects just data files, Rampart has seen situations where server operating systems files have been corrupted also and an entire server has needed to be rebuilt.

Business Continuity Solution – A business continuity solution is the most comprehensive backup solution goes beyond recovering from a mishap or a disaster.  It allows your business to recover and restart operations very quickly. This solution involves an “appliance”, essentially a dedicated piece of hardware that constantly replicates data changes from the server both locally and out to the cloud. Restorations of large amounts of data are performed much more quickly. In times of a server failure or a disaster, server operations can be resumed locally or in the cloud using the “appliance”.  Local issues with your servers and/or network can be resolved simultaneously.

In a sense, backup is a form of insurance.  Hopefully you won’t need it. But downtime costs businesses hundreds or thousands of dollars of lost revenue per hour.  Having an appropriate data backup solution is, thus, an essential part of business planning.


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