Business Application Development


Many companies have specialty applications or tools that they use every day. These tools might manage an inventory system, allow you to track of warranty-related information for the products you sell and service, or may allow you to manage documents and data across a number of other internal platforms, databases, or repositories.

These older applications and tools often have two things in common:

  • There is nothing on the “off the shelf” market that does what they do.
  • They tend to be slower, and not as “up to date” as you would want them in their functionality.

Revitalization of these irreplaceable resources is a Rampart specialty.

Using modern languages, coding, and approaches (HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, .NET, SQL, Java, Objective C and more), Rampart can bring your aging application into the present through redesign, functional addition, and enhancement, all while increasing ease of operation, reliability, and speed.