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Tap into the Power of Mobile
Many of your customers and employees prefer using mobile devices to perform business activities involving buying, selling, productivity or promotion. But what should your company do with a mobile application? What is involved in the process as you begin putting together a plan to build a mobile app?

Please join mobile application developer Rampart Hosting and mobile application platform provider Appcelerator on October 3, 2012 at Noon (EDT) for an informative webinar on getting your company into mobile applications and finding out how apps can increase productivity and sales for your business.

Learn what mobile can do for your business, discover how to ask the right questions about the mobile application process, and find out how others are using mobile to enhance their businesses.

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Please contact me directly if you have any questions about the webinar or any problems with registration. Looking forward to Oct. 3!

Informative Mobile Application Case Study
It is always beneficial to be able to display great examples of how, why, and with what a company accomplishes a desired task or implements a new strategy. When it comes to mobile applications, the opportunities are ripe for your company to increase sales, take marketing in a new direction, and increase productivity both inside the office and out in the field.

Below I have included a link to a recent case study outlining a specific mobile application need and highlighting elements of a mobile application project development process for an important Rampart client. Rampart utilized the Appcelerator Titanium mobile application platform in this case to fill a significant void in the client's mobile application strategy.

Click here to review the case study!

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