Late Summer Happenings - September,2011

New site is up!

As promised, the new Rampart Hosting website has "gone live". In early August the completely revamped was introduced. The new site has a number of distinct features, is optimized for use on tablets like iPad and Android, and comes complete with a speedy mobile version for access through your smartphone. Information on Rampart's development, service, and support offerings is directly accessible with one click from the homepage. Just click or touch any of the bold service-offering terms on the homepage and you will link immediately to the appropriate Rampart services info. You may also directly enter our client support system to make a service request, by clicking the "support ribbon" in the upper right corner.

And for Android, Blackberry, and iPad tablet users, there is some very cool functionality! You can navigate traditionally through the site by clicking links or you can page through the site by just running your finger across the page horizontally, right or left, to move forward and backward through the web pages. Pretty slick! And yes, we can incorporate novel functionality like this within a new website for you as well.

How is your computer network performing?

The functionality, speed, and reliability of your network, programs, and connectivity are vital to having an efficient, profitable business. To maintain consistent, high performance, computer systems need to be regularly monitored and updated. Rampart assists dozens of Central Ohio businesses like yours with managing servers, laptops, software, licensing, email, and mobile phones, getting them to and keeping them at prime performance levels. Contact Rampart today for an initial performance analysis of your company's tech and to find out how we can enhance that performance (and your bottom line!) with some technical TLC. How has your network and desktop been running lately?


Rick E. Hulse,
VP - Business Development