Rampart Happenings - April, 2011

Big news at Rampart this April! We have expanded our tech support team to better serve client needs. Rampart has added a new Linux Systems Administrator to its roster this month. Kari Rissanen (formerly from that country up north...no, not Michigan) joined Rampart Hosting and was quickly greeted with a new project that has kept him very busy this entire month. Kari's vast experience with applications, hosting, networks, equipment, mobile, telecom, and operating systems complements Rampart's offerings nicely. As an established veteran in the IT world, we are very happy to have him working with us in the effort to expand and improve on our knowledge-base, service delivery and response. Welcome aboard, Kari!

Also this month, Rampart Co-Founder and CEO, Leo Daugherty, along with Senior Systems Administrator, Brian Postle, embarked on a learning adventure to the Hewlett Packard Customer Experience Center in Houston, Texas. With an emphasis on enterprise servers, storage, and networks/interconnectivity, Hewlett Packard's incredible hands-on center offers tech providers like Rampart Hosting with an incredible forum for learning the latest about server technology and its constantly evolving environment. This knowledge helps Rampart to effectively plan and enable its clients with real-world solutions to their constantly changing problems and challenges. Grasping technology direction and helping clients develop key tactics and strategies out of that technology is what Rampart does.

After seeing and reviewing the latest in control systems, public and private cloud strategies, and innovative devices like Virtual Connect (a revolutionary device that simply and quickly connects servers and virtual environments to local networks and storage networks), Rampart is excited to review the latest options with you. Lastly, we would like to thank SARCOM, a Rampart Hosting technology service solutions partner, for its role in our visit to HP in Houston.

We look forward to checking back in with you next month with news of our new website launch and more!

Best Regards,

Rick E. Hulse, VP Business Development