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Who We Are

Rampart Hosting, LLC is an Information Technology (IT) Development, Support, and Management Company providing services in:

  • Mobile Application (App) Development
  • Dedicated Web and Application Hosting
  • Microsoft Exchange Server Hosting
  • Website Design and Other Design Services
  • Specialty Application and Tool Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Network/Device Tech Support
  • Information Flow and Tech Security (Firewall, Virus and Spyware/Malware protection)
  • Communal, Virtual, and Private Cloud Hosting
  • Search Engine Marketing and Web Promotion
  • Content Creation, Acquisition, Design, and Management

Our directive is to discover and satisfy client Tech needs. We live in a world of constantly evolving tech that requires an ordered, yet dynamic, approach to deliver a high level, custom, business-ready service to Rampart’s clients. We provide technical solutions through assessment, design, development, integration, support, promotion, and security of the client's electronic information network.

Rampart acts as a virtual IT department for companies that don’t have internal IT or whose IT needs are often greater than its IT department can deliver. We provide 24/7/365 managed tech services within the framework of Rampart’s common sense, service level agreement. Through our SLA, each client easily understands the responsibilities, scope, and timeframes associated with our services. Personal, ongoing interaction and relationship management is critical so that we may continuously evolve our understanding and offerings to creatively and effectively fit client wants and needs.

Rampart Hosting Offices, Columbus, Ohio
We are our Clients

Our Services

Service Differentiation..... Rampart-Style.

Simply, Rampart is different. Unlike many others in the industry, Rampart provides professional services in multiple areas of tech expertise. We are not "just a hosting company" or a company that does design or tech support exclusively. Rampart combines its depth of technical and business know-how to provide a complete package of technology services. One contact with Rampart opens the diverse world of technology to your business through a planned, comprehensive, cohesive set of offerings... custom-designed for your business.

Whether you need a mobile app, tech support, application development, web development, hosting, or web design, Rampart can handle it because Rampart Does Tech.

Rampart Hosting Sevices

Mobile Applications

phoneidroid (a Rampart Hosting, LLC company) is dedicated to rapid delivery of multi-platform mobile applications through partnership with best of breed industry tool providers, leveraging existing Client media, applications, and web presence.

Utilizing the unparalleled power and cost effectiveness of the Titanium mobile application platform, and featuring more certified Titanium developers than any Appcelerator Partner in the world, phoneidroid is positioned to help you succeed with your mobile development strategy. Of course, we also offer mobile development in native languages such as Objective-C and Java, should the Appcelerator Titanium platform not fit your needs.

Contact us today at 614-408-1440 ext.7014 to discuss building your next mobile application.

Rampart Hosting Mobile Applications

Application Development

Many companies have specialty applications or tools that they use every day. These tools might manage an inventory system, allow you to track of warranty-related information for the products you sell and service, or may allow you to manage documents and data across a number of other internal platforms, databases, or repositories.

These older applications and tools often have two things in common:

  • There is nothing on the "off the shelf" market that does what they do.
  • They tend to be slower, and not as "up to date" as you would want them in their functionality.

Revitalization of these irreplaceable, vital resources is a Rampart specialty. Using modern languages, coding, and approaches (Java, ASP.NET, Adobe Air, Appcelerator Titanium, Classic ASP, Adobe ColdFusion, C#, VB.NET and more), Rampart can bring your aging application into the present through redesign, functional addition, and enhancement, all while increasing ease of operation, reliability, and speed.

Rampart Hosting Web and Application Development

Website Development

What is the "face" of your company? In the past, your salespeople, your sign, your brand, your slogan, your reputation, or your product may have filled this role. Chances are now it is your company’s website that carries the flag. Customers pre-qualify your business based on the initial impression given them by your website. Are you creating the first impression you wish to convey? We have improved and amplified the web presence of companies in virtually every business sector. Click here now to have a Rampart technical professional assess your website today.

Search engines like Google and Bing qualify your website utilizing criteria that assesses your site's freshness and vitality of content, quickness to load, relevance, code structure, adherence to standards, etc. If weakness is apparent in these areas, your company’s website, arguably its most important sales and marketing tool, has little chance of first page placement in the results of a customer search query.

Rampart's design and development specialists have the expertise necessary to present a website that not only is pleasing to the eye, but also operates smoothly and is optimized through optimized content, tagging, and code structure.

Rampart Hosting Web and Application Development


As our name suggests, hosting services are a central to Rampart. Our service portfolio extends far beyond hosting services, but we recognize the importance of secure, locally-hosted websites, exchange servers, and specialty application servers to our customers. Our downtown Columbus network operations center (NOC) is home to our many blade and multi-spindle servers. Rampart’s secure and redundantly powered NOC is within walking distance of our main office and provides necessary protection to your electronic infrastructure by separating your internet-based web and application server environment from your office’s file server network.

Rampart hosts apps, websites, email, Exchange, databases, domains, and specialty tools and applications. This means that our clients experience exceptional “uptime” for their websites and apps, while enjoying nearly uninterrupted access to critical contact, calendar, file sharing, and emails through your tablet, notebook, laptop, desktop, and mobile devices.

In addition to traditional web, domain, and application server hosting, Rampart offers a variety of virtual and private cloud hosting solutions.

Please take a moment to review our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) before contacting us about internet hosting services.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you with hosting services.

Rampart Hosting Exchange and Web Hosting
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Please use our help desk at or click the "Support" tab above. Alternatively, call us at 614-408-1440.

Technical Support Services

..... reliable, efficient, timely, complete, managed, forward-thinking, turn-key.

Our support technicians operate as extensions to your company, rather than just the "computer guy" coming to fix something. We think with you and for you when it comes to your systems. Our managed services provide preventive maintenance, updates, upgrades, and an eye to the future, helping to plan the expansion of your tech to fit the evolving nature of your business, internally and externally.

If you need something fixed today, we do that. If you want something maintained as your own IT department would, that is our specialty. We offer an outsourced package that is there when you need it and out of your way when you don't! Call today to speak to a Systems Administrator about your immediate and ongoing tech support needs.

Our goal... everytime: enhance current performance, functionality, mobility, and security / continuing assessment toward future expansion, new-technology, and system paradigm changes.

Rampart Hosting Technical Support- Windows, Mac, Linux and others
Need Support Now?
Please use our help desk at or click the "Support" tab above. Alternatively, call us at 614-408-1440.

Web Design

Your site needs to leave an immediate and lasting impression on the person who has just found your site. An impression is formed when the web user is presented with something inherently unique, interesting, beautiful, informative, and persuasive. Impressions are also formed when a user has something to do on your site, such as the use of easy-to-operate, interactive tools that offer functional, relevant output. A cohesive design and the creative use of branding hold all of these elements together.

Rampart realizes the importance of design. A strong design must embody the approaches discussed above, while appealing to both the emotion and reason of the browsing user. It is Rampart's experience in web design that allows us to convey appeal to both the heart and the mind, while communicating the voice of your business effectively online.

Rampart Hosting Web Design


XP Upgrades

From time-to-time, software companies make the decision to cease supporting what they determine to be legacy software. Sometimes, it's just a benign thing, but sometimes it can open up the door to a technology crisis event with significant consequences to your business!...more

Hosting Service Improvements

In our constant effort to bring you an ever increasing level of uninterrupted hosting service, we will be relocating some of the equipment we use to deliver your services on 11/9/2013, starting at 9:00PM EST and continuing until 11/10/2013 at 5:00AM EST...more

Formal Client Notification

Rampart has recently completed an ownership transition. This process is now fully complete. We are happy to note that there has not been, nor will there be, any interruption to any business services provided by Rampart to its extensive role of valued clients...more

Join Us October 3 at Noon for an Upcoming Webinar!

Many of your customers and employees prefer using mobile devices to perform business activities involving buying, selling, productivity or promotion. But what should your company do with a mobile application? What is involved in...more

Is there an app for that?

Of the nearly 1,000,000 smartphone and tablet mobile apps out there, how many are you using to enhance specific elements of your business' effectiveness and efficiency? Any? A couple, maybe? Mobile applications are everywhere these...more

Rampart Hosting Announces New VP of Sales

Rampart Hosting is pleased to announce that Frederick Hanover has joined our company as Vice President of Sales. Fred will guide the company’s sales into expanding markets including development of mobile and web applications, custom software development, cloud services, virtualization, and tech support....more

Late Summer Happenings

As promised, the new Rampart Hosting website has "gone live". In early August the completely revamped was introduced. The new site has a number of distinct features, is optimized for use on tablets like iPad and Android, and comes complete....more

Rampart on the Move

The next time you make it down to Columbus' Arena District for a ball game, some great food, a movie, or a concert, please take a moment to visit Rampart Hosting in its new office in our same great home, the Belmont Building, near the corner of Spring and Neil streets....more

Rampart Happenings

Big news at Rampart this April! We have expanded our tech support team to better serve client needs. Rampart has added a new Linux Systems Administrator to its roster this month. Kari Rissanen (formerly from that country up, not Michigan) joined Rampart Hosting....more

Thank You for Six Years!

Rampart Hosting would like to take a moment to thank you, our loyal clients and friends, as today we celebrate 6 years in business. We have come a long way since the doors opened in 2005. Our growth of over 300% since the end of our first year is attributable to customers like you who faithfully....more

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Please take a moment to review our AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) before contacting us about internet hosting services. If you have any questions or would like to contact Rampart Hosting about one of our services, please give us a call at 614.408.1440 or fill out the form below.

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